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  1. 10 Types of Gay Men You Never Want to Date
  2. Gay Men: Are You a Jock, Otter, Bear or Wolf?
  3. Here Are 12 Types of Gay Guy You'll Meet While Dating in New York City

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10 Types of Gay Men You Never Want to Date

The hard part was the mug shot: On a much lighter note: What is the opening number in your act? I played Bonnie in Applause. They changed it to Pia. Last week, there was an Internet post that I was dead. All Rights Reserved. Search form Search. Entertainment Michael Musto. Illustration by Ryan Casey My recent column critiquing the 12 worst types of gay men drew a firestorm of controversy, with lots of people lining up to say that I was 13 just for writing such a thing. Latest News News. Thanks for taking the time to share! I agree with commentors about Pups.

They are related more to the leather community, and are easily in their 20's - 30's, sometimes even more. And are MORE away if the community than twins, not less. Jack is Same as that 'aging wolf'. Lastly - you gave 'masculinity' as an important and key feature of being a bear. That's almost laughable. And this is not to put down bears, but a large percentage of bears are so NOT masculine. You could claim it's a key feature of wolves, and some other categories.

But not a "key" feature of bears.

Now, I know you iterated that these are generalities, and that there will always be disagreements, but I felt compelled to comment that even as generalities, I disagree with those 3 aspects - as I have been around all of the above during my 40 years of being 'out'. BTW - I would have described 'twunk' as a twink who already has qualities of a hunk. I think that's what you were getting at anyway but missed using the actually word 'hunk' - thus the name TWUNK. Fun article and more accurate than lots on this subject I think.

It's maybe a sign of the ageism in our culture that there's no category for average guys. I've always wondered what does a Twink become when they grow up? For example, what would Joseph Gordon-Levitt be? Well, there you go! As a gay woman, I was aware of some of these, but not all. I guess we do like to label ourselves occasionally, and these make sense of some of the terms I hear in the community, but didn't get. I do now. Have to say I'm not a great fan of labels, but I suppose it's natural for some folk to want to hang a 'type' badge onto particular people.

Whatever churns your cheese. However, on your gay cliques survey, if I put in my stats but only change my age, I get everything from bull to muscle bear to daddy as age increases. You state that, in terms of density, bulls are mostly muscle, muscle bears are muscly and daddies are soft body. This assumes increasing percentage of body fat in terms of body composition with age.

This is not true for everyone. I agree with the daddy part as I am 58 except that I am anything but soft body. Most people looking at me would say I am extremely muscular, being a very solid lbs. I know a number of older guys that are very similar. So your conclusion of soft body for all daddies is just plainly wrong or you need another category of daddy such as muscle daddy or? Truthfully I have never considered myself a muscle bear as I consider muscle bears carry a significant amount of body fat more than I do even when I'm "off season" By your description in the article, I feel that I would be more in the bull category as I have a bodybuilder build, definitely not soft body.

So how do you reconcile this problem in the gay cliques survey? You got it so wrong Ugh John Travolta is no iconic bear Maybe Nick Frost, he's widely considered a bear, but it could be argued he's a chub.

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Gay Men: Are You a Jock, Otter, Bear or Wolf?

Wolves haven't been a thing for 10 years I've never even heard of "bulls" pups are not "younger" just smaller and submissive and playful fuzzy types. Like otters, but subs. Also, you didn't have to use the worst picture ever as john goodman as a chub geezuz, though the category is at least accurate for him.

You had to have missed several because according to the list, I would be labeled a jock. Highly doubt that, I've never been considered a jock before, I don't think. Isn't there just a "regular gay", or oh I bet I would probably be labeled a semi-jock who doesn't play sports, but looks as though he could.

I thought that twunk was the past tense of twink.

Here Are 12 Types of Gay Guy You'll Meet While Dating in New York City

One of those guys trying way too hard to cling to his youth which the twinkies inform me ends at Welp I guess I am an otter.. Only 19 but.. Good god, NO. Here's another article that blindly tries to describe my experience as a gay man by taking the beautiful breadth of diversity of men and organizing it into clumsy, cookie-cutter categories.

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The title should be "Gay Men: Some people have stated otters wrong saying they have a bit of belly Actually not really Otters are those who are hairy or still hairy but trim that they have either slim, athletic or a lil bit of a belly. Those who just say only hair and belly then what am i classed as then?

A nobody Anywaysnthanks for this as its Accurate for otters and im always happy to be an Otter: This is a fun read. I never understood twunk, I thought it was an aging twink. As was stated before it is a lifestyle associated with the leather community or guys in roles of pups. They range all ages and body types. I, at 30 something, am a boy and pup to my Sir. While also being a jock. Also, pup is not a body type by your own description. It's a moment in time for gays, which come in all body types when they're new. I remember calling them baby gays but never a pup.

Gay Men Answer Sex Questions You're Too Afraid To Ask

Google "gay pup" and you get hits on puppy play. Generally refers to someone who can't accept the fact he is no longer 23 but Thanks, Abby! I am glad that you liked. I am going to check out your hubs now. I love reading my fellow hubbers work! I was having a difficult time as I like to read fun yet good quality articles i. It's difficult to find these days. And, though I am far from being a gay man, nor a gay woman, I found your article to be very interesting.

I am familiar with the terms "cougar" and "cub" in the world of "older woman and younger man," but I never knew that gay men had the terms you presented. It made me giggle reading your article.